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Release R-2018-1 20.12.2017
Application abbr.
The Frilo Building Model
   Building Model GEO
   Continuous Beam DLT
   Framework / Three-Dimensional Frame / Girder Grillage ESK/RS/TRK
   Plates by Finite Elements PLT
   Panels by Finite Elements SCN
Reinforced concrete
   Reinforced Concrete Design B2
   Reinforced Concrete Column B5
   Punching Shear Analysis B6+
   Flight of Stairs B7+
   Prestressed Concrete Girder B8
   Reinforced Concrete Corbel B9
   Reinforced Concrete Half Joint B10
   Crack Width Verification B11
   Temperature Analysis Cross Section TA
Steel constructions
   Antenna Mast Design ATB
   Lateral Torsional Buckling Analysis BTII+
   Plate Buckling PLII+
   Thinwalled Cross Section Q3
   Portal Frame S7+
   Steel Chimney Design S8
   Crane Runway Girder S9+
   Single-span Steel Column STS+
   Single-span Steel Beam STT+
   Steel column Base ST3
   Steel Girder Support ST4
   Weld Design ST5
   Pocketed Steel Column Base ST6
   Steel Section Design ST7
   Standardized Connections DSTV ST8
   Bolted Steel Connection ST9
   Bolted Beam-to-Column Connection ST10
   Shear Panel Stiffness ST13
   Welded Beam-to-Column Connection ST14
   Base Flange ST15
   Stability analysis for steel STX+
Soil analysis
   Slope Failure Analysis BBR
   Isolated Foundation FD+  
   Pad Foundation FDB+
   Strip Foundation FDS+
   Reinforced Raft Foundation FDR+
   Cantilevered Retaining Wall WSM+
Roof constructions
   Roof constructions DGK, D9, D11, D12 Dach
   Collar and Articulated Purlins D7+
   Glued Laminated Girder D10
Timber constructions
   Timber Column HO1+
   Skew Notch Joint HO2+
   Timber Tension Joint HO3+
   Frame Corner HO6
   Timber Beam HO7
   Timber Design HO11+
   Timber Construction Details HO12
   Timber Joint HO13+
   Single Fastener Timber Joint HO14+
   Timber Wall Diaphragms HTW+
   Trusses Timber/Steel FWT
   Multi-storey Masonry Wall MWM+
   Basement Masonry Wall MWK+
   Masonry Column MWP+
   Masonry Design MWX+
Composite constructions
   Composite Column V1
   Composite Beam V3
   Frilo.Document.Designer FDD
   Cross Section Stress Analysis Q2
   Tunnel Frame TEB
   Wind and Snow Loads LWS