Timber and roof constructions


The roof software range includes applications for the calculation and design of building roofs with traditional timber roof structures. You just need to enter a few details to calculate individual rafters or entire purlin, rafter and collar beam roofs including the connection details. In addition to this, we also offer modules for the calculation of special structures such as rafter purlins or tie purlins as well as laminated timber trusses.

The product range of timber construction includes applications for the calculation of beams, columns and trussed girders as well as for the verification of connections in timber engineering.



Our "Timber and roof constructions" list includes the following applications:

HO1+ Timber Column DGK Hip Rafter / Valley Rafter
HO2+ Skew Notch Joint D7+ Rafter Purlins
HO3+ Timber Tension Joint D9 Continuous Rafter
HO6 Frame Corner D10 Glued Laminated Girder
HO7 Timber Beam D11 Purlin and Rafter Roof
HO11+ Timber Design D12 Collar Beam Roof
HO12 Timber Construction Details    
HO13+ Timber Joint    
HO14+ Single Fastener Timber Joint    
HTW+ Timber Wall Diaphragms    

Further timber applications

FWT Lattice Timber/Steel Girder    
DLT Continuous Beam    


 Implemented euro-standards for each application - overview

 Complete list of applications - brief descriptions