Steel constructions

Produkte Stahl

In addition to software applications for the calculation of column and beam systems, we offer comprehensive solutions in the field of steel construction for the calculation of connection structures such as column or girder supports, welded or screwed joints as well as frame corners.

Moreover, the steel product group comprises special software for the verification of complex load bearing structures such as crane runways, steel chimneys and aerial supporting structures.



Our "Steel constructions" list includes the following applications:

STS+ Single-span Steel Column ST14 Welded Beam-to-Column Connection
STT+ Single-span Steel Beam ST15 Base Flange
ST3 Steel Column Base STX+ Stability verifications for steel 
ST4 Steel Girder Support S7+ Portal Frame
ST5 Weld Design S8 Steel Chimney Design
ST6 Pocketed Steel Column Base S9+ Crane Runway Girder
ST7 Steel Section Design ATB Antenna Mast Design
ST8 Standardized Connections IAW DSTV BTII+ Lateral Torsional Buckling Analysis
ST9 Bolted Steel Connection PLII+ Plate Buckling
ST10 Bolted Beam-to-Column Connection Q3 Thinwalled Cross Section
ST12+ Steel Bracing    
ST13 Shear Panel Stiffness FWT Trusses Timber/Steel
    DLT Continuous Beam


 Implemented euro-standards for each application - overview

 Complete list of applications - brief descriptions