Reinforced concrete


In addition to design applications for components such as slabs, columns, continuous beams and foundations, our reinforced concrete range comprises also special modules for angular retaining walls and supporting corbels.



Our "Reinforced concrete" list includes the following applications:

B2 Reinforced Concrete Design DLT Continuous Beam
B5 Reinforced Concrete Column    
B6+ Punching Shear Analysis FD+ Isolated Foundation
B7+ Flight of Stairs FDB+ Block Foundation
B8 Prestressed Concrete Girder FDM+ Mast Foundation
B9 Reinforced Concrete Corbel FDR+ Reinforced Raft Foundation
B10 Reinforced Concrete Half Joint FDS+ Strip Foundation
B11 Crack Width Verification ESK/
BDU+ Flush Beam    
BHA Dynamically Balanced Tank    
TA Temperature Analysis Cross Section    


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