The installation is only executable with an current licence-file.

You will get the licence-file for the current year by email, after you have registered for download. You can install the license with the tool "Frilo.Config" by drag&drop or with the function "Licence Administration" (Frilo.Config) - see screenshot below.

Filesize web installation:  about 200 MB.

Smaller corrections will be named with the extension "SL" (Service-Level, numbered)


Downloading updates/FRILO-Software

Click the chosen release (current release or previous release) and download the Frilo.System.Next download-manager (Frilo.System.Next.msi). Start  Frilo.System.Next.msi (doubleclick). Start the FriloSystemNext icon on your desktop and follow the instructions.

"Old" installation - R-2011-1-Sl2B:

The files were transmitted as packed ZIP-file (*.zip) to your PC.

Save this zip-file in a folder - but not the FRILO-programfolder. 

Unpack the ZIP-file (e.g. use the program Winzip: WinZip ). We recommend a temporary folder, which you cab delete after installation. Pathes (subdirectories) have to be unpacked too.

Start "Setup.exe". The applications will be installed as usual.